Branding is your identity. It’s who you are – your ideas, your personality, your personal mantra. It’s your DNA and your POV. We see your brand as your story. And we use a combo of strategy, design, and marketing (grounded in our visually driven approach) to help you tell it.



We believe that building a strong, authentic brand is essential to telling your brand’s story. Our team will help uncover what makes you special and differentiates you from your competition.




To get to know you inside and out – from big picture to small details – we dive deep into discovering what makes you, you: history, mission, personality, differentiators. And we work to understand your goals. Then we connect the dots – voice and tone, look and feel, audience and ways to connect, content planning and creation – to reach them.



For us, a strong visual identity is essential to telling your story. We believe effective design is just as much about problem solving as it is about making something look really, really cool. So we pair streamlined, intuitive user experiences with visually compelling photo, video, web, and graphic content (all created by our in-house team) that reflect your brand strategy.



Once we’ve determined your brand strategy and visual identity, we take it to the masses. To tell your story to the world, we come up with comprehensive plans that include social media content, emails, web, events, print advertising, and other ideas for engagement. Then we track the results. Analyze the data. And make adjustments based on our findings.


Video Production

Video is how we can give your brand and visual identity momentum. Our videographers take to the streets to capture your character and culture, from wide big-picture shots to close-ups of quieter details. We look for the moments that help your audience get a sense of the real you – grabbing their attention and never letting it go.



From in-studio headshots to out-in-the-field stills, we shoot high-quality photography that reflects your brand and visual identity. We focus on photo content that is authentic, relevant, and tells your story in real time. Our goal: Showcase the people, places, products, and personalities that will establish your brand’s voice and character.



If branding is your story, content is the way we tell it. We believe people connect with brands that speak to their personal vibes, aesthetics, and philosophies. That’s why we specialize in social media management and strategy to help create content that communicates who you are and engages your target audience.


Your In-House Creative Team

As your in-house creative team, Chil will focus on directing the creative side of your business. We are able to provide full-service marketing, social media and creative services in support of new customer acquisition, community building and revenue generation.

The Met

The Met Atlanta is a community of entrepreneurs and artisans. At Chil were are in charge creating video and photo content in relation to all development, events, tenants and day to day operations and deploying the content across all their social channels.

Green Circle Demolition

Green Circle Demolition is a full-service demolition and abatement company. We are in charge of developing original content they are able to share with other people in the industry through their website.


Chil is in charge of creating content revolving around the ever-evolving development of the Summerhill neighborhood, and deploying the content on all content channels to maximize visibility and engagement.